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When And How To Train


TRAINING TIPS When And How To Train Warm Up before you train Warming up with dynamic stretches enhances muscular performance and reduces the risk of injuries. It stimulates the body by allowing fluids to flow through joints and muscles, maximising the amount of work you can do while minimizing [...]

Exercise Types


TRAINING TIPS Exercise Types Cardio exercise Helps the blood and oxygen flow and improves the heart’s condition. Your heart is a muscular organ and like other muscles, it needs to be worked to improve its performance. If you don’t work your heart it will weaken, and over time lead [...]

Hidden Benefits


TRAINING TIPS The Hidden Benefits Many people train because cardio burns fat and weight training builds muscle but any regular trainer will tell you it’s the feel good benefits that have the greatest effect. If your body is toned you feel better in yourself. But what’s more intriguing are [...]

Training Jargon


TRAINING TIPS A healthy routine - nutritious food Reps To repeat and replicate a movement, Reps is short for repetitions. Repetitions define the number of times to perform an exercise. For example, if you curl the dumbbell 15 times, then you have completed 15 Reps of biceps curls. Sets [...]

Parts of an exercise


TRAINING TIPS Parts of an exercise Isometric A static strength training where the length of the muscle doesn’t change. An example of this would be a ‘plank’. In this case you get into a classic ‘pushup’ position, or rest on your forearms with your elbows under your shoulders, and [...]

How supplements work


TRAINING TIPS How supplements workThe main reason people workout is to build muscle and get a stronger and healthier body. In these instances, protein supplements may be useful for building muscle and repairing muscle as well. In addition to protein supplements, carbohydrate supplements can help your workout both before and [...]

Total Tone


STUDIO CLASSES Total Tone Who For: A mixed ability Ladies class of different age groups for those that want to tone up and get stronger. How It Works: A mobility warm up helps to maintain healthy joints through to working with dumbbells and own body weight. Benefits: Improves range [...]