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24 Hour Membership

With 24 hour membership, you effectively get the keys to the door.

During our normal opening hours you use our normal reception entrance but when the reception is closed you can use our 24-hour Extended hours door to enter and leave the gym. You are given your own key fob that is linked to your membership. When you enter the gym, your details are checked with our database and our motion activated video cameras record and check your movements. We know it sounds a bit like big brother but it isn’t, it’s the best way of maintaining a safe and secure environment for our members to enjoy cost effective 24-hour membership.

To be a 24-hour member, you must first be a member of Gambaru Fitness and complete a short additional induction. As we do not staff Gambaru outside our normal trading hours it’s important that all 24-hour members know and value the Gambaru Way. It’s how we maintain our unique, friendly and professional standards 365 days a year. The induction helps ensure all members understand the entering and leaving procedures and most important our 24-hour member etiquette.

If you are an existing member you can upgrade to the 24-hour membership at any time. If you are taking out a new membership please select that option and we’ll ensure your induction covers the 24-hour membership.

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