Exercise Types

Cardio exercise

Helps the blood and oxygen flow and improves the heart’s condition. Your heart is a muscular organ and like other muscles, it needs to be worked to improve its performance. If you don’t work your heart it will weaken, and over time lead to health problems.

Weight Training

Increases the strength of muscles and tendons which leads to improved performance and physical work capacity – you’ll be able to work harder and longer.  Conversely as lean muscle mass decreases with age, our muscle will turn to fat if we  don’t include weight training in our work-out routine.

Resistance Equipment

Resistance equipment is expensive so it’s a good job you’re Gambaru member! The benefits are they focus on one muscle group at a time, and a specific range of motion – so are brilliant for work-out programmes geared to achieve target fitness. Because of the controls resistance equipment are also excellent for anyone starting out on strength training or rehabilitation.

Free Weights

Let’s stick to the facts. Academic studies in the respected journal of ‘Strength and Conditioning Research’ showed free weight exercises produced a 58% greater strength increase compared to the same exercises on resistance-training machines. The same study also showed a 196% increase in balance compared to similar exercises on resistance-training machines. Free weights allow you to combine several different movements in one exercise, which engages more muscle to maintain balance and stability so burning more calories.