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Ladies Circuit Express

Gambaru is a gym for everybody but as Ladies sometimes prefer their own space, 18mths ago we created a Ladies Only section – Circuit Express.

We’ve now expanded and having opened NJ’s our healthy urban café, a new reception, new free weights room and a new room for legs and glutes, we’ve extended our Ladies Only section and given it room to grow. We’ve added equipment, increased the size of the hydraulic circuit plus it has its own cardio room and studio/mat work area.

Circuit Express membership starts at just £30 per month and includes free access to over 25 studio classes a week. For a free trial please register here or call into reception.

Members of Circuit Express can access the Circuit Express area and changing rooms during our normal opening hours.

  • Monday to Friday: 7.00am to 8.00pm
  • Saturday: 8.00am to 5.00pm
  • Sunday: 9.00am to 2.00pm

Circuit Express members can upgrade to full Ladies or 24 Hour membership at any time.

Ladies Circuit Express FAQs