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Studio Classes

At Gambaru we recognise that classes have an important role to play in helping members maintain fitness and motivation.

There are many benefits of classes over standard exercise but the main one is that the classes are designed to take you through the appropriate movements and exercise and you have a class leader who is actually driving the session. Don’t Be concerned about the phrase ‘driving’ they are out at the front directing you, all you need to do is follow their lead.

Most of our classes are free to members, non-members can attend but classes need to be paid for at reception. You can either pay by class or buy a block of class tickets and benefit from a discount.

Many of our classes are for Ladies only; this is not to discriminate against the guys but is based on demand.  However, if you are a man who would like to attend a particular class please let us know, if the demand is there we can hopefully arrange an additional class.


10am – 10:45am 1960s Aerobics
17.45pm-18.15pm Metafit
18.15pm-19.00pm Step&Tone


14.15pm – 15.00pm Fitball
18.15pm – 19.00pm Rebounder


09.30am-10.15am Cardio Tone
18.00pm-18.30pm Metafit
18.30pm-19.30pm Kettlercise


10.30am-11.15am Step&Tone
6.15pm -7.00pm Fitball


11.15am-12.00pm Fitball
10.30am-11.15am Zumba
12.15pm-12.45pm Pilates Based Fitball
18.00pm-19.00pm 1980’s Disco


10.15am-11.15am Kettlercise
11.15am-12.00pm Total Tone