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Training Tips

If you are committing time and effort to regular training then it makes sense to invest a few minutes to understand a few important points.

It’s not just doing things right it’s doing the right things

Like any other activity if you don’t know how or why something works you are less likely to do it properly, less likely to enjoy it and perhaps most important– you’re less likely to achieve results. We know that because we see it every day.

Get help and advice

At Gambaru, we have our own fitness coaches who will give you free advice and guidance at any time. They will provide you with a free induction and follow ups to ensure you keep on track. We also have a choice of four ‘Gambaru Approved’ Personal Trainers who will work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Work smarter not harder

As a starting point, though, we have our own Training Tips that are displayed at Gambaru and on this section of the website. If you take the time to read these through, you will be better prepared than the majority of people that work out. Please ask at reception if you have any other questions or would like advice or support. That’s our job, it’s what we love to do so please ask away.