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Nutriton Joe's is open

Yes Harrogate’s most unique urban café is open and getting rave reviews. We are delighted with its style, its food and the feedback. It gives Gambaru a brilliant high profile on the corner of Station Parade and it’s delicious and nutritious food will compete with the best that Harrogate can offer.

New reception

We delighted with our new reception and believe that its unique look and feel emphasies our determination to be the best we can be. We ask our members to stretch their potential so its only fair that we can work on the same lines. The fingerprint reader and turnstile is now in place which will halp manage our increased range of memberships - see details below. the new staircase is a much easier climb to the first floor and the whole area being ajacent to NJ's just makes sense.

New Free and Fixed Weights room

Our new Free Weights room has been a massive success. The Coach House theme has given it real style and its fast becoming the special place we hoped it would become. The  Watson's weights are beautiful to look at and great to use and the air conditioning will make a huge difference in the summer months. We're delighted by how this has all come together, and we believe that our members will be as excited as we are about the special environmenet we've created. 

New Legs and Abs room

We've also just upgraded our new legs and abs room to bring it into line with new theme. There's some brilliant kit in here ideal all those that want to work on these key areas. Please ask if you'd like any guidance at all. My team and I are here to help.

Extended Ladies only section

Our Circuit Express area has played an important role in the tremendous growth in Ladies memberships and we've now given it more room to grow. Doubling the original space has allowed us to introduce additional kit to the hydraulic circuit, and we've added additional stations to make it work for everyone.